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Discrete Mathematics II
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Discrete Mathematics II

Principal lecturer: Dr Marcelo Fiore
Taken by: Part IA (50% option)

Past exam questions: [DiscreteMathematicsII] [DiscreteMathematics]

  • Prof. G. Winskel's lecture notes.
  • Mini-Seminars
  • Week 1: questions and answers*.
  • Week 2: questions and answers*.
  • Week 3: questions and answers*.
  • Week 4: questions and answers*.
  • * Courtesy of Sam Staton and Dave Turner.
    Complementary material
  • How to write a proof by L. Lamport.
  • Two very short notes on mathematical induction by M. Fiore.
  • Boolean algebras by Prof. J.L. Bell.
  • Relations and databases
  • E.F. Codd's seminal paper on the relational model of data.
  • Wikipedia: relational model, relational algebra.
  • On Enumerability by M. Fiore.
  • Feedback
  • Please provide feedback through the online lecture course feedback form.