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Principal lecturer: Dr Andrew Rice
Taken by: Part IB
Past exam questions
Pre-compiled binary distribution for SWI-Prolog on PWF Linux
Anagram generator initial clauses. This file contains the initial database of words generated from /usr/share/dict/words
Lecture slides for all 6 lectures including suggested supervision work.
Additional handout for Lecture 6.

Lecture Recordings

Video recordings of the slides (and code demonstration) with voice-over will be made available after each lecture. These are in Real Media format.

If you find these useful and would like to see other lecture courses online, or if you have comments, please send me an email so we know that its worthwhile.

Assessed Exercise

The assessed exercise may be downloaded here: prolog-assessed.pdf.

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Viva examinationsThu 8-May-2008 13:00 to 16:00
Fri 9-May-2008 13:00 to 16:00

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Slide No.ErrataCorrigeReported by
Lecture 133The puzzle answers are inconsistent with the source code on the previous slidesSwap 'japanese' and 'norwegian'lw346
Question 3.2.5The a/3 clause is not defined anywhereReplace queries to a/3 with append/3jpb65
Lecture 350There is no tGrade/2 clause in the databaseReplace tGrade(C,G) with tGrade(C,_,G) and delete "for acr31" from the descriptionacr31
Question 4.3.2Query 4The SQL and the plain english description do not matchReplace the SQL with SELECT name,college from tName FULL OUTER JOIN tCollege ON tName.CRSID = tCollege.CRSIDms705
Question 4.3.2Query 6The hint is contradictory to the questionThe hint is attached to the wrong question and should be for query 7ms705