Investigators and associated faculty

Research staff (postdocs, PhD students, and research assistants)


Angus Hammond

Dhruv Makwana

Mike Roe

Ben Simner




REMS Alumni


Mark Batty
(moved to Kent)

David Chisnall
(moved to MSR)

Shaked Flur
(moved to Google)

Anthony Fox
(moved to ARM Research)

Victor Gomes
(moved to Google)

Kathy Gray
(moved to Facebook)

Ohad Kammar
(moved to Oxford)

Stephen Kell
(moved to U. Kent)

Gabriel Kerneis
(moved to Google)

Ramana Kumar
(moved to NICTA)

Stella Lau
(moved to MIT)

Linden Ralph

Justus Matthiesen

Dominic Mulligan
(moved to ARM Research)

Hannes Mehnert
(moved to

Robert Norton-Wright
(moved to MSR)

David Sheets
(moved to Docker)

Thomas Tuerk
(moved to FireEye)


Thomas Dinsdale-Young
(moved to Aarhus)

Emanuele D'Osualdo
(now a Marie-Curie fellow, IC)

Jose Fragoso Santos
(moved to Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon)

Daiva Naudziuniene
(moved to Facebook)

Gian Ntzik
(moved to Amadeus Systems)

Azalea Raad
(moved to MPI-SWS)

Jules Villard
(moved to Facebook)

Thomas Wood

Adam Wright

Partners and Collaborators

The industrial partners include ARM, IBM, Microsoft Research, and the FreeBSD foundation, and academic partners include INRIA (Luc Maranget, Francesco Zappa Nardelli), U. Pennsylvania (Benjamin Pierce, Stephanie Weirich, Steve Zdancewic), Purdue University (Suresh Jagannathan, Jan Vitek), and U. Texas Austin (Warren Hunt). Other collaborators include: Mike Dodds (York), Scott Owens (Kent), Tom Ridge (Leicester), Susmit Sarkar (St. Andrews), John Wickerson (Imperial).