Computer Laboratory

Research Projects

A recent compendium of our mobile health effort.

EPSRC GCRF Institutional Grant. Efficient Area Surveying through Context Aware Drone Mobility. 2018.

Alan Turing Institute. Seed Funding for Early Alzheimer's Disease Diagnostics Through Outdoor Navigation Sensing. 2017.

NIHR. Scalable low-cost interventions to support medication adherence in people on treatment for hypertension in primary care. 2017-2022.

Pro-VC for Research Seed Fund. Enhancing the Programming of the Internet of Things for Healthcare monitoring. 2016.

Nokia Bell-Labs PhD Scholarship. 2016-2019.

EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account Follow-On Fund. Smartphone Sensing for Health Applications. 2015.

MRC Feasibility and acceptability of a novel smoking cessation smartphone sensing app delivering support triggered by real-time events (QSense). 2014-2015.

Microsoft PhD Scholarship. 2013-2016.

EPSRC GALE:Global Accessibility to Local Experience. April 2013 - January 2016.

Samsung. Mobile Phone Soft Tracker based Activity Recognition. 2013

Alcatel. Multi-layer data analysis. 2013

EU LASAGNE: multi-LAyer SpAtiotemporal Generalized NEtworks. November 2012 - October 2015.

Google Research Award. Space, Time and Social Ties: How Geographic Distance Shapes Online Social Networks. 2012.

Samsung. Latency, Precision, Power, Privacy-aware Sensing and Computation for Mobile Devices. 2012.

EPSRC UBhave: ubiquitous and social computing for positive behaviour change. January 2012 - December 2014.

EPSRC MOLTEN: Mathematics of Large Technological Evolving Networks. January 2011 - December 2012.

EPSRC: Innovation Knowledge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction. April 2011 - March 2016.

EPSRC FRESNEL. FedeRatEd Secure sensor NEtwork Laboratory. January 2010- December 2012.

IBM ITA. Study of Space and Time Aware Human Mobility. May 2009 - May 2011.

Collaboration with SEA MAMMAL RESEARCH UNIT on animal monitoring with delay tolerant sensor networks.

EPSRC WILDSENSING. A Hybrid Framework of Mobile and Sensor Nodes for Wildlife Monitoring. January 2007 - August 2010.

EPSRC UbiVal. As part of this we are working on Realistic Mobility Models. October 2006 - September 2010.

EPSRC CREAM Coordination and Reliability Mechanisms for Adaptive Mobile Middleware. October 2005 - September 2010.

EPSRC Divergent Grid. October 2005 - September 2008.

EU PLASTIC. Providing Lightweight and Adaptable Service Technology for Pervasive Information Communication. March 2006 - February 2009.

EU IP FP6 RUNES. Reconfigurable Ubiquitous Network Embedded Systems. September 2004 - May 2007.

EPSRC SATIN Project on Use of Mobile Code in Mobile Computing Middleware. October 2001 - September 2004.

EPSRC Project on Programmable Networks (Promile). April 2001 - March 2004

Teaching Company Scheme project on Mobile technologies in Heath-care. In conjunction with Elan Technologies. November 2001 - October 2003.

EU TAPAS on Analysis and Trust of Quality of Service aware Components. April 2002 - March 2005.

Kodak sponsored project MANIAC on Quality of Service aware image processing applications. Janaury 2001 - December 2003.

BBSRC sponsored project on Use of Grid Middleware for Protein Folding. September 2002 - August 2005.

Older Research Material

Mobility Models Founded on Social Networks Theory

Context-aware Adaptive Routing (CAR) Protocol

XMIDDLE Project: A data-sharing middleware for Mobile Computing.