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Patrick K.A. Wollner, Isak Herman, Haikal Pribadi, Leonardo Impett, Alan F. Blackwell

June 2014, 8 pages

DOI: 10.48456/tr-855


The scope of this project is the creation of a controller for composition, performance and interaction with sound. Interactions can be classified to one of three types: (i) end-user triggering, controlling, editing, and manipulation of sounds with varying temporal dimensions; (ii) inclusion of multi-sensor feedback mechanisms including end-user biological monitoring; and (iii) integration of sensed, semi-random, environmental factors as control parameters to the output of the system.

The development of the device has been completed in two stages: (i) conceptual scoping has defined the interaction space for the development of this machine; (ii) prototype development has resulted in the creation of a functioning prototype and culminated in a series of live performances. The final stage presupposes a custom interaction design for each artistic partner, reinforcing the conceptual role of the device as a novel mechanism for personalized, visualizable, tangible interaction with sound.

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