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The decolorize algorithm for contrast enhancing, color to grayscale conversion

Mark Grundland, Neil A. Dodgson

October 2005, 15 pages

Some figures in this document are best viewed in colour. If you received a black-and-white copy, please consult the online version if necessary.

DOI: 10.48456/tr-649


We present a new contrast enhancing color to grayscale conversion algorithm which works in real-time. It incorporates novel techniques for image sampling and dimensionality reduction, sampling color differences by Gaussian pairing and analyzing color differences by predominant component analysis. In addition to its speed and simplicity, the algorithm has the advantages of continuous mapping, global consistency, and grayscale preservation, as well as predictable luminance, saturation, and hue ordering properties. We give an extensive range of examples and compare our method with other recently published algorithms.

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