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The Escritoire: A personal projected display for interacting with documents

Mark Ashdown, Peter Robinson

June 2002, 12 pages

DOI: 10.48456/tr-538


The Escritoire is a horizontal desk interface that uses two projectors to create a foveal display. Items such as images, documents, and the interactive displays of other conventional computers, can be manipulated on the desk using pens in both hands. The periphery covers the desk, providing ample space for laying out the objects relevant to a task, allowing them to be identified at a glance and exploiting human spatial memory for rapid retrieval. The fovea is a high resolution focal area that can be used to view any item in detail. The projected images are continuously warped with commodity graphics hardware before display, to reverse the effects of misaligned projectors and ensure registration between fovea and periphery. The software is divided into a hardware-specific client driving the display, and a platform-independent server imposing control.

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