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The dynamic creation of I/O paths under OS/360-MVT

A.J.M. Stoneley

April 1975, 16 pages

DOI: 10.48456/tr-4


In a large computer it is often desirable and convenient for an ordinary program to be able to establish for itself a logical connection to a peripheral device. This ability is normally provided through a routine within the operating system which may be called by any user program at any time. OS/360 lacks such a routine. For the batch job, peripheral connections can only be made through the job control language and this cannot be done dynamically at run-time. In the restricted context of TSO (IBM’s terminal system) a routine for establishing peripheral connections does exist, but it is extremely inefficient and difficult to use.

This paper describes how a suitable routine was written and grafted into the operating system of the Cambridge 370/165.

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