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A brief history of mobile telephony

Stefan G. Hild

January 1995, 19 pages

DOI: 10.48456/tr-372


Mobile telephony has gone through a decade of tremendous change and progress. Today, mobile phones are an indispensable tool to many professionals, and have great potential to become vital components in mobile data communication applications. In this survey we will attempt to present some of the milestones from the route which mobile telephony has taken over the past decades while developing from an experimental system with limited capabilities with to a mature technology (section 1), followd by a more detailed introduction into the modern pan-European GSM standard (section 2). Section 3 is devoted to the data communication services, covering two packet-oriented data only networks as well as data services planned for the GSM system. Section 4 covers some security issues and section 5 gives an insight into the realities today with details of some networks available in the UK. Finally, section 6 concludes this overview with a brief look into the future.

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