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Two papers about the scrabble summarising system

J.I. Tait

12 pages

DOI: 10.48456/tr-23


This report contains two papers which describe parts of the Scrabble English summarizing system. The first, “Topic identification techniques for predictive language analyzers” has been accepted as a short communication for the 9th International COnference on Computational Linguistics, in Prague. The second, “General summaries using a predictive language analyser” is an extended version of a discussion paper which will be presented at the European Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Paris. Both conferences will take place during July 1982.

The [second] paper describes a computer system capable of producing coherent summaries of English texts even when they contain sections which the system has not understood completely. The system employs an analysis phase which is not dissimilar to a script applier together with a rather more sophisticated summariser than previous systems. Some deficiencies of earlier systems are pointed out, and ways in which the current implementation overcomes them are discussed.

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