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Proceedings of the First Belief Representation and Agent Architectures Workshop

Edited by Julia Rose Galliers

March 1990, 199 pages

DOI: 10.48456/tr-194


The first Belief Representation and Agent Architectures workshop was organised by Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, and held at SRI International in Cambridge on the 22nd and 23rd March 1990. It was designed as a closed meeting of 15 researchers, all currently working in and familiar with this subfield of AI. The purpose of the meeting was not so much to present completed work, as to exchange ideas and explore issues with others equally as aware of the relevant problems and background. Each presenter was given 90 minutes in which to lead a discussion on a topic related to their research interests. Generally these were oriented around the presenter’s current research projects, outlines of which had been distributed prior to the meeting.

These proceedings comprise eight sections, each including the discussion report followed by copies of the presenter’s overheads, followed by the summaries of the presenter’s and rapporteur’s current research projects. The sections are as follows: General introduction, different styles of agent architectures, a minimalist approach to agent architectures, models of belief revision, the value of formal approaches, knowledge action chance and utility, different value systems, and channels for dialogue.

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