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Non-trivial power types can’t be subtypes of polymorphic types

Andrew M. Pitts

January 1989, 12 pages

DOI: 10.48456/tr-159


This paper establishes a new, limitative relation between the polymorphic lambda calculus and the kind of higher-order type theory which is embodied in the logic of toposes. It is shown that any embedding in a topos of the cartesian closed category of (closed) types of a model of the polymorphic lambda calculus must place the polymorphic types well away from the powertypes σ→Ω of the topos, in the sense that σ→Ω is a subtype of a polymorphic type only in the case that σ isempty (and hence σ→Ω is terminal). As corollaries we obtain strengthenings of Reynold’s result on the non-existence of set-theoretic models of polymorphism.

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