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The foundation of a generic theorem prover

Lawrence C Paulson

March 1988, 44 pages

This paper is a revised version of UCAM-CL-TR-113.

DOI: 10.48456/tr-130


Isabelle is an interactive theorem prover that supports a variety of logics. It represents rules as propositions (not as functions) and builds proofs by combining rules. These operations constitute a meta-logic (or ‘logical framework’) in which the object-logics are formalized. Isabelle is now based on higher-order logic – a precise and well-understood foundation.

Examples illustrate use of this meta-logic to formalize logics and proofs. Axioms for first-order logic are shown sound and complete. Backwards proof is formalized by meta-reasoning about object-level entailment.

Higher-order logic has several practical advantages over other meta-logics. Many proof techniques are known, such as Huet’s higher-order unification procedure.

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