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Material concerning a study of cases

B.K. Boguraev, K. Spärck Jones

May 1987, 31 pages

This study is reported in B.K. Boguraev and K. Spärck Jones, ‘A note on a study of cases’, Computaational Linguistics 13, 1987. The attached material consists first of an extended account of the study with its own illustrative examples, and second of the full data analysis, printed in two different sort orders.

DOI: 10.48456/tr-118


This note describes and illustrates a study of deep cases using a large sample of sentences. We have used a language analyser which builds meaning representations expressing semantic case roles; specifically Boguraev’s (1979) analyser, which builds dependency trees with word senses defined by semantic category primitive formulae, and with case labels, i.e. semantic relation primitives. This note highlights the importance of the source material for those interested in case-based representations of sentence meaning, and indicates the potential utility of the study results.

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