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Course pages 2023–24

Concurrent and Distributed Systems

Concurrent Systems

Primary Materials

Supervision Examples Sheets

Secondary Materials

For those with greater interest:

  • Demo from Lecture 1 (also in sheet CS0)
  • Dr Watson's useful notes on Java concurrency with some practical exercises TXT.
  • For non-examinable details regarding interrupts
    and intercore interrupts, look at sections 2.5 and 2.7.8 of
    Modern System-on-Chip Design on Arm by DJ Greaves.

  • Two nice diagrams (thanks to Jasmin Jahic) that might be handy for supervision discussion:   and  

  • Detailed example of interrupt service routine: sp1-socparts.

  • Are SSD disk writes really atomic?.

  • Sources for real-world implementation of pthreads and condition variables condition variables.

  • Deadlock detection in AND-OR wait-for graphs: there are countless papers giving algorithms of varying conservativeness and run time. eg "Graph-Theoretic Characterization of ANDOR Deadlocks" V. C. Barbosay and M. R. F. Benevidesy, 1998.

  • Multicore CPUs without shared memory and with message passing hardware are marketed by companies such as XMOS.


Distributed Systems

8 Lectures from Dr Tim Harris.

Last year’s course materials are still available.