Department of Computer Science and Technology

Course pages 2018–19

Interaction with machine learning

Introductory Lecture

Lecture 1: Alan Blackwell and Advait Sarkar - structure of course, overview of HCI, major themes in IUI/TIIS, HCI research methods, planning your study (Presentation slides)

Special Topic Lectures

Review of undergraduate HCI:

If you have not studied HCI in the past, we recommend that you review the lecture notes of the Cambridge Further HCI course:

The textbooks for that course also provide a great deal of useful background:

  • Interaction Design: Beyond human-computer interaction by Helen Sharp, Yvonne Rogers & Jenny Preece (4th Edition 2015)
  • Research methods for human-computer interaction edited by Paul Cairns and Anna Cox (Cambridge University Press 2008)

Intelligent user interfaces

Annotated reading list of relevant publications:

Scanning recent publications at ACM IUI and TIIS will give a useful overview of methods currently used in the field. Archives of both are available on the ACM digital library:

AI Risks

Google report on specifying AI safety problems:

CSER report on malicious use of AI:

Interactive program synthesis

One of the themes of the course will be interactive program synthesis (previously known as programming by example), and there are two classic books on this topic, both of which are available online:

Conduct of research

Before starting your study with human participants, you must make an application to the Computer Lab ethics committee, describing what you plan to do and how you will remove or mitigate any risks.

Online review form

As described on the form, you should also consult the Cambridge Guidance on technology research with human participants, paying particular attention to the type of study you will be conducting, and the risks associated with it.

Report format

Mini-project reports should be submitted in the format used for submission of a full paper to the ACM IUI conference. Specification of the format, together with template documents, can be found in the IUI call for papers: