Department of Computer Science and Technology

Course pages 2017–18

Advanced Topics in Computer Systems

You are assessed based on 10 submitted paper “reviews” which must either follow the provided review form [PDF] [Latex source] or be a PDF copy of your presentation slide deck for those papers you are asked to present. Each such submission is worth up to 9% of your total mark. No extra marks are available for making more than 10 submissions. Marks will be awarded and penalties for late submission applied according to ACS Assessment Guidelines. Each submission will be graded out of 100 where 60 is a passing grade. You should read all assigned papers and make at least one submission per week. The remaining 10% of your total mark is based on your participation in the class discussions over the course.

Submissions are via Moodle and are due by 10am on the Wednesday prior to the class. I will do my best to get them marked and returned to you by the class though I don't guarantee it. You may make submissions at any point before the relevant deadline.

  • Assignment 1 due 10am January 24th
  • Assignment 2 due 10am January 31st
  • Assignment 3 due 10am February 7th
  • Assignment 4 due 10am February 14th
  • Assignment 5 due 10am February 21st
  • Assignment 6 due 10am February 28th
  • Assignment 7 due 10am March 7th

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the University's rules on plagiarism – plagiarism is one sure way to attain a failing grade!