Department of Computer Science and Technology

Course pages 2017–18

Computer Vision

Principal lecturers: Prof John Daugman, Dr Christopher Town, Dr Marwa Mahmoud
Taken by: MPhil ACS, Part III
Code: LE48
Hours: 16 (lectures, including 3 example classes, plus additional briefing sessions)
Prerequisites: Students are asked to talk with their Course Adviser before selecting this module.

Further information

Lectures for this module are offered by the Department of Engineering, Trumpington Street site, during Michaelmas Term. Module assessment is carried out by the Computer Laboratory.

Students wishing to take this module should note that the Department of Engineering is about a 2 mile cycle ride from the Computer Laboratory via Adams Road or fifteen minutes by the Uni4 bus. See for travel information.


Please refer to the Computer Vision syllabus for details of the material to be covered.

Practical work

Two practical exercises, prepared and assessed by the Computer Laboratory, will be undertaken in Michaelmas Term and a mini-project is carried out in Lent Term.

In addition to lectures, briefing and feedback meetings are scheduled:

  • Week 2 (Computer Laboratory): meet for an overview of practicals and a briefing on Exercise 1
  • Week 4: Submit Exercise 1
  • Week 5 (Computer Laboratory): meet for feedback on Exercise 1; briefing on Exercise 2
  • Week 7: Submit Exercise 2
  • Week 8 (Computer Laboratory): meet for feedback on Exercise 2; briefing on mini-project
  • Lent Term: Office hours - days and times to be confirmed
  • Lent Term Week 6: Presentations and submit mini-project

Further details regarding assessment can be found on the Moodle page (Only available to Cambridge University staff and students)


  • Exercise 1: 10%
  • Exercise 2: 20%
  • Mini-project: 70%