Department of Computer Science and Technology

Course pages 2017–18

Special topic MT

Taken by: MPhil ACS
Code: S500
Hours: 16
Prerequisites: Students may only take a Special Topic if they have sufficient background. The supervisor has the responsibility for determining this, with the ACS examiners being responsible for formal approval of the arrangement.


In response to individual needs of a student as identified in September preceding Michaelmas term. Special Topics modules are not routine options, but available in exceptional circumstances, which must be individually reviewed by the Course Advisor, Course Director, Graduate Administrator and ACS management committee. Requests to substitute a Special Topic for one of the ACS modules will be considered in consultation with the department teaching the proposed special topic course. Considerations include: compatibility of timetable with ACS, available resource in the providing department, appropriate workload, and arrangements for examination.

Note that examination standards vary considerably, especially in fields that CS students may be unfamiliar, and this may place students at a disadvantage in their final grades.