Department of Computer Science and Technology

Course pages 2017–18

Advanced Graphics

Alex Benton's notes:

Lecture Title
Source code on Github
1 Ray Tracing - All the Maths
2 Ray Tracing - Image Quality and Texture
3 OpenGL and Shaders I
4 OpenGL and Shaders II
5 GPU Ray Marching
6 Computational Geometry and Implicit Surfaces
7 Subdivision surfaces
8 Virtual Reality
All slides in printable layout (6-up)

Supervision work
First supervision Exercises (1/2)
Second supervision Exercises (2/2)

Rafal Mantiuk's notes:

1Reflection models [in-lecture notes]
2Global illumination
3Light and colour
4-5Advanced image processing
6Models of early visual peception
7-8HDR and tone mapping

Supervision work

Third supervisionExercises 1/2
Fourth supervisionExercises 2/2

All supervision work must be submitted by email in PDF form no less than 48 hours before supervision.