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Numerical Methods


Lectures are at 10:00am Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 11 lectures starting on 22nd April. Wednesday and Friday lectures are in Mill Lane Lecture room 9, (Ist floor). Mondays are held in the Biffen on the Downing Site.

Syllabus Updates and Topics Covered

There are few changes from last year, but at least one topic will be dropped owing to the course being crowded. The topics not covered and not examinable this year were added to this web page as we came to them.

The topics not covered or not examinable were:

  • The group of slides covering Simpsons Rule, Splines+Knots, Power Series Economy using Chebychev Polynomials: numbered 106 to 112.
  • Slide 147 - Hermitians.
  • Non-linear components in matrix flow form were lectured but are not examinable (so, linear and time-varying flow components and adaptive timestep remain from that section).
  • The final section, part 11, starting on slide 184.


  • Lecture slide pack as projected: Proj-6 PDF Not all were covered.

  • (Lecture slides as printed PDF).

  • Demos folder: A folder containing short demonstration programs illustrating various aspects. They are mainly available in both ML and Java, but one or two are in C or C# as well. Folder location:
    At the command line you can get an initial, local copy of this folder using
        git clone https:[Javascript required]/djg11/numerical-methods-demos.git
    And any updates can then be fetched using
    git pull

  • Audio recordings of some lectures: can be HERE - please request. Some from last year are online on last year's page.

  • Examples and Exercise sheets: Sheets 1, 2 and 3 (all in the same file) (PDF).

Last Year's Materials and Further Materials

Learners' Guide : LINK