Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2011–12

Mobile and Sensor Systems

Lecture 1: Wireless Systems.

Lecture 2: Mobile MAC Layer and Telecommunications.

Lecture 3: Wireless LAN, Bluetooth and Ad Hoc Networks.

Lecture 4: Ad Hoc and Delay Tolerant Network Routing.

Lecture 5: Sensor Systems and MAC Layer Protocols.

Lecture 6: Sensor Network Routing Protocols.

Lecture 7: Sensor Systems Reprogramming and Mobile Sensing.

Lecture 8: Mobile Phone Sensing.

Reading List

Schiller, J. (2003). Mobile communications. Pearson (2nd ed.).

Karl, H. and A. Willing (2005). Protocols and architectures for wireless sensor. Wiley.

C.S. Murthy and B. Manoj. 2004. Ad Hoc Wireless Networks. Prentice Hall.

Agrawal, D. and Zheng, Q. (2006). Introduction to wireless and mobile systems. Thomson.
Last year’s course materials are still available.