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Algorithms I


Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 1000 in New Museums Site, Arts School A, starting Fri 2012-03-09 included until Wed 2012-03-14 included, then restarting on Fri 2012-04-27 included and ending on Wed 2012-05-23 included (total 15 lectures).

Lecture handouts

Distributed during the first lecture. It will be to your advantage to bring your handout to every lecture, together with a notebook with non-detachable pages and a few coloured pens. Further printed copies of the handout are available from the student administration office in the William Gates Building. An electronic copy is also available: please do not print it again yourself and please do not circulate it outside

Hashtables Lecture

Annotated slides for the hashtables lecture are available here

Priority Queues Lecture

Annotated slides for the priority queue lecture are available here (sadly, Xournal killed the notes I actually made in lecture - these are the notes from which I was lecturing, so should be almost the same - feel free to if anything is unclear).

Errata corrige

Negative line numbers are counted from the bottom of the page. Top line (excluding headers) is 1. Bottom line (excluding footers) is -1.

PageLineErrataCorrigeFound onby
13line 1 of insertSort%remove the %author2012-03-08
44-2finishing time,finishing time in all S,author2012-05-02
4522Each item i has a weight wiEach item i has a weight wi, which is an integer,author2012-05-04
4526to the optimalto an optimalauthor2012-05-03
75-11is, in the worst case, O(m)is O(m)author2012-05-03
76 to 78[section 5.1.3][replace with rewritten version; correction distributed during lectures and available in the electronic copy]author2012-05-10

If you find any more errors, please mail them to me and I'll credit you here and in the next version of the handout.


2012-05-02: segmented least squares

My heroes!

  • György Dénes
  • David Broder-Rodgers
  • Matej Vecerik
  • Alex Chadwick
  • Jan Polášek
  • Bogdan-Cristian Tătăroiu

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