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Video clips

The videos shown before and during lectures were:

  • Mortal Combat from The Golden Compass (New Line Cinema, 2008)
    Oscar-winning special effects including animation of fur by one of the lab's graduates at Framestore
  • Visualizing the XYZ color space (Sony Pictures Imageworks) from SIGGraph 2005
  • Final scene from Shrek (DreamWorks, 2001)
  • For the Birds (Pixar, 2000)
  • Interactive haptic painting with 3D virtual brushes from SIGGraph 2001
  • Dice (Kyoto Seika University) from SIGGraph 2005
  • Mike's New Car from Monsters Inc (Pixar, 2002)
  • Interacting with paper on the DigitalDesk from CHI 92 (Pierre Wellner & PR, 1992)
  • Tabletop interfaces for remote collaboration (Philip Tuddenham & PR, 2009)
  • Mind reading machines from Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition (Rana el Kaliouby & PR, 2006)
  • Interactive control of music using emotional body expressions from CHI 2008 (Daniel Bernhardt & PR, 2008)