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Information for speakers


The Security Seminar audience are usually about 20–40 technical people, with a strong and critical interest in computer security, cryptography, computer forensics and related fields. Attendants are not only students and researchers from the University; some also come from local industry and research labs in the Cambridge area and beyond. Talks typically last about 45 minutes, plus another 10–15 minutes for questions and discussion from the audience, which often gets quite lively.


Please send the following information to Hridoy Sankar Dutta, preferably at least two weeks before your talk:

  • title of talk
  • your affiliation
  • abstract (not longer than 150 words, preferably written in third person)
  • any related URLs (homepage, full paper, slides, etc.)

We will publish this information on the University's talks@cam web site and send it out on our mailing list.

It would also be nice if you could leave us your presentation slides (e.g., PDF or PPT format) after the talk, e.g. via email or USB stick, which we would love to add to our Security Seminar archive.

Audio-visual facilities

The Security Seminar talks are usually held in Lecture Theatre 2 of the William Gates Building, which seats 130 people. It features:

  • video projector (1920×1080 resolution, 15-pin VGA and HDMI video connector)
  • Windows 10 PC with Adobe Reader and Microsoft PowerPoint installed
  • small whiteboard
  • sound system (3.5 mm or RCA stereo connector, cable for connecting laptop can be provided)
  • UK power sockets (230 V, 50 Hz. 2-pin IEC power lead for laptops can be provided. If you need a 110 V transformer for North American or Japanese equipment, ask Markus Kuhn)
  • visualizer (zoom video camera for showing paper documents, drawings, and other flat artifacts, up to ~A3 size)

We can record your talk (screen cast + voice), if you are interested, but we are currently not making such recordings routinely available online.


There is information on how to get here.

If you bring a car, please use the Computer Lab's visitors' car park, which is the second turn on the left after you have entered JJ Thomson Avenue. Our receptionist (phone 01223 763500) will get you in touch with your host when you arrive – you should let them know if you have used the car park.

Most speakers come about an hour before their talk starts such that we can introduce you to our group and have a coffee together. The lecture theatre is usually available 20 minutes before the talk starts. Please let us know if you need more time to set up a demonstration.

We are looking forward to hear your talk!