Computer Laboratory


This information is intended to be useful for new members of the group.


The Rainbow Group holds meetings every Thursday in term, at 14:15 in SS03. Announcements of talks are posted to

Meetings usually consist of a short talk by one of the members of the group either on their current research or on topics of general interest to the group. A discussion always follows. Invited speakers are also encouraged.


The entire group can be reached by sending email to rainbow -at- For the addresses of individual members, look at the current members page. The email list is currently managed by Peter Robinson.


The rainbow group website is maintained using Subversion and ucampas. For details, please refer to the readme file in the root of our webspace.

Group file space

This can be accessed from computer lab machines via the path /usr/groups/rainbow/ and is used to store items of group interest, including:

  • rainbow/data/ – data of various sorts that may be useful for other group members
  • rainbow/doc/ – some documentation, in particular poster templates
  • rainbow/proj/ – joint project filespaces
  • rainbow/svn/ – subversion repositories for projects
  • rainbow/tools/ – several useful programs and source code

If you put anything in the group file space, please make it group writable.