Department of Computer Science and Technology

Graduate Studentships Fund

The Computer Laboratory is an international leader in computer science and technology research. We get the best students, worldwide, applying to do PhDs with us. We want to be able to fund more of them.

Photo of a group of students

PhD students are at the heart of the Laboratory's research efforts, and are the creative base on which many of our successes are built. As they develop and test new ideas, their enquiring minds and passion for their subject stimulate the Laboratory's larger research effort and contribute to the real-world impact that our research has. Continuing to support and nurture our graduate students is something that we are all committed to. Our world-leading academic staff have the capacity to take on more students, and we have the space to house them, and the technical facilities to support their work. But we need money to be able to fund more of the brilliant and ambitious graduate students who want to come here.

However, PhD funding from external sources is variable and often tied to specific projects or topics. We want the flexibility to be able to welcome the brightest students into our community, and to give them the freedom to apply their enthusiasm and energy to the world-leading research that we produce, regardless of their social or financial circumstances. £800K will endow one PhD studentship in perpetuity; it is our ambition to build a flexible fund that will enable us to establish one endowed PhD studentship to accompany each Professorship in the Laboratory.

Some of our outstanding current PhD students share their remarkable stories here. We need your help to continue to attract more brilliant young people just like this, and to provide the support to enable them to become leaders and innovators in Computer Science far into the future, whilst ensuring that we continue to produce research which is unrivalled in terms of breadth, depth and quality.

If you would like to discuss a potential donation to the Fund, please contact our Head of Department, Ann Copestake, or our Research Facilitator, Andrea Kells. Alternatively, online donations can be made here.

Brochure: A proposal for Graduate Studentships