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Olesya Razuvayevskaya

I am a PhD student conducting my research in the Natural Language and Information Processing (NLIP) group at Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, and a member of Robinson College. My advisor is Professor Simone Teufel.

The main focus of my research lies at the intersection of argumentation theory, natural language processing and formal logic. I currently work on argument mining for enthymemes, i.e., arguments with one or more logical chains missing, in naturally occurring texts. The ultimate goal is to develop natural language generation techniques for enthymeme reconstruction given a pre-defined argumentation scheme.

Keywords: artificial intelligence; machine learning; argumentation; natural language processing; natural language generation; argument mining; enthymemes; sequence-to-sequence neural networks.

I am grateful to the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic for funding my studies in the scope of the State Program for Education Abroad.


I am originally from Baku, Azerbaijan. Before joining Computer Lab, I spent two years in industry, working as a full-time software engineer in financial sector.


Lent 2017 - Demonstrating and ticking for Machine Learning and Real-world Data, A Part IA CST course at Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge

Other professional involvement

The progressing gender imbalance in both industrial and academic sectors of technology is something that concerns me. At Computer Laboratory, I volunteer for Women@CL - an initiative that provides local, national and international activities for women engaged in computing research and academic leadership. Our goal is to aspire women to leadership positions in both academia and in industry and to support them in their careers through mentoring, tech talks, social events, summer schools, conferences and outreach activities.

2016-2017 - Women@CL Social Events Chair

2017-2018 - Oxbridge Women in Computer Science conference Chair (the agenda and the dates are to announced soon).

2017-2018 - Women's Welfare Officer and an MCR Committee member at Robinson College.

I am also a part of Cambridge Innovation Consulting team which aims to build the link between academia and industry.


  • Recognising enthymemes in real-world texts:a feasibility study
    Olesya Razuvayevskaya and Simone Teufel (2016)
    Proceedings of the workshop on Foundations of the Language of Argumentation of the 6th International Conference on Computational Models of Argument, pp. 56-64, Potsdam, Germany
  • Finding enthymemes in real-world texts: a feasibility study
    Olesya Razuvayevskaya and Simone Teufel (2017)
    Journal for Argument & Computation

When not doing research

...I can often be found learning new languages, sketching landscapes, experimenting with 3D modelling and animation, hiking, rowing, or horse riding. I am a member of the Cambridge University Hillwalking Club and the Cambridge University Irish Dance Society (practicing soft shoe dance styles), and I row for Robinson College.

Architecture and fine arts is my main non-professional interest. As a self-learner, I have been loving drawing ever since I can remember myself. I normally work with graphite, ink and charcoal on canvas using hatching and cross-hatching techniques, and my main subjects are urban and countryside landscapes (some random examples). I am passionate about music and can play the piano and guitar, both of which I started learning while in primary school. My more generic across-the-board interests include amateur photography, martial arts (boxing), and cinematography, particularly, art-house/experimental, surrealistic, as well as early (1889-1920s) one.

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University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
15 JJ Thomson Avenue
Cambridge CB3 0FD, United Kingdom
or264 (at)
Work: +44 (0) 1223 763513

My first name is pronounced as [ˌa.'lʲeˑ.sia] (a rough transcription in International Phonec Alphabet), with the stress on the second syllable.

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