Lucian Carata

About me

I have started my PhD in the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory in October 2011, as a member of the Digital Technology Group. I am supervised by Professor Andy Hopper and work closely with Dr. Ripduman Sohan in exploring the research area of provenance, looking at building systems for tracking the history and inter-dependencies of pieces of data as they are produced or consumed in arbitrary computational workflows.

My PhD research is funded by UK's EPSRC, by a CHESS Scholarship, and by a Computer Laboratory Departamental Scholarship.

I am a member of Wolfson College.


My research interests span the following topics: The overarching goal of those research interests is the understanding and automated control of complex systems and of their performance during unexpected situations (such as chain failures).


I supervise the Algorithms and Computer Graphics and Image Processing courses.


I have previously been an intern at both Microsoft (2010) and Google (2013), where I have worked in infrastructure teams dealing with performance evaluation and service configuration, respectively. My time within both companies has helped me gain valuable experience and a better understanding of real-world requirements at scale. This continues to drive my passion towards doing research that has a real impact and solves challenging engineering problems.

I have graduated (B.Eng.) as valedictorian from the "Gh. Asachi" Technical University of Iasi, Romania. My bachelor thesis dealed with real-time object recognition in video streams using interest point detectors. I have obtained a M.Sc. in Distributed Systems from the same university, with a research stint in the Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms from the Vienna University of Technology, during an ERASMUS Scholarship.