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Router Performance League

As people return their router-performance results to me I will put/update them here...

I've ordered the ranking here based upon the average of the maximum packet-per-second for the smallest packet for the "first" and "last" entry; pps is gained by dividing the Mbps by 512; this is not 100 percent correct it is only roughly approximate but does permit direct comparison with realistic numbers.

Team Group Members Ranking Link to Results Notes
1 Lech Swirski, Guanwei Zeng, Georgios Karnas gk303,gz233,ls426 = 1st Team 1 5.682 Mpps AVG;
2 Sarah Fortune, Malcolm Scott, Sebastian Kaldonek mas90,sjf65,sk623 = 1st Team 2 5.682 Mpps AVG;
3 Omar Choudary, Alexander Katovsky apk32,osc22 =1st Team 3 5.682 Mpps AVG;
4 Keng Siew Han, Jonathan Woodruff jdw57,ksah3 2nd Team 4 5.341 Mpps AVG;
5 Feng Qiang, Peter Ogden, Bin Sun bs432,fq208,pko22 = 1st Team 5 5.682 Mpps AVG
- Reference Router - Reference Router 5.682 Mpps AVG
- Packet Generator Calibration - Packet Generator 5.951 Mpps AVG
Maximum Achievable Line-Speed
(has no IP lookup function)
- Fastest Stanford submission - Stanford 5.444 Mpps AVG
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fastest stanford team Spring 2009