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Grizzly: power-analysis traces for an 8-bit load instruction

The “Grizzly” dataset consists recordings of the power-supply current of the 8-bit CPU Atmel XMEGA 256 A3U, an easily available microcontroller without side-channel countermeasures. It was prepared by Omar Choudary in August 2013 and forms the basis for the comparison of different template attacks described in the paper

Omar Choudary, Markus G. Kuhn: Efficient Template Attacks. CARDIS 2013, Berlin, 27–29 November 2013 (to appear). PDF here.

The MATLAB scripts for implementing the attacks described in the paper are available here. Please consult the file readme.txt inside the tarball for details.

The dataset with power-supply current is available here. You need to uncompress this file, e.g. by using gunzip.

If you find the code or data useful please cite the above paper in your work.

Data from different devices

Similar datasets, but obtained from different devices are available below.

Device Link to File
Alpha File
Beta File
Gamma File
Delta File

These datasets from different devices are the basis for the evaluation of template attacks on different devices described in the paper

Omar Choudary, Markus G. Kuhn: Template Attacks on Different Devices. COSADE 2014, Paris, 14–15 April 2014 (to appear).

MATLAB scripts to reproduce some of the results shown in the paper will be added shortly.