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The Third Year

By the time you get here, you will have a broad knowledge of CS and it’s time to start focusing on what interests you most. Our third year provides a large set of courses to choose from, each letting you explore specific areas in depth with an expert in the that field. You are free to choose the courses that interest you most—perhaps you’d like to be a computer security expert, get your head around quantum computing, understand how to build global-scale systems, become an expert in artificial intelligence, or know how e-business works. What’s more, you’ll have a personal project that will let you show the world (and potential employers) just how good you are.

The Part II project runs for two-thirds of the third year and lets you put all the CS skills you have learnt into practice. You get to choose (or even propose!) your project, and a supervisor will give you one-to-one help to achieve your goals.

For the full course details for the current year, see the syllabus booklet