Introduction to Formal Syntax

A course taught at Peking University.


  • Regular attendance of the lectures is required

  • 3-4 assignments

  • Mid-term project

  • EXAM


  • Andrew Carnie. Syntax: A Generative Introduction

  • Joan Bresnan, Ash Asudeh, Ida Toivonen, Stephen Wechsler. Lexical-Functional Syntax

  • Mark Steedman. Surface Structure and Interpretation

  • Carl Pollard and Ivan Sag. Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar

Schedule of Topics and Assignments

Topic Material
Constituency, Trees and Formal Grammar slide
Tree Adjoining Grammar slide
X-bar Theory slide
Theta Theory slide
Binding Theory slide
Movement slide
Combinatory Categorial Grammar slide
Minimalist Grammar slide
Lexical-Functional Grammar I slide
Lexical-Functional Grammar II slide
Lexical-Functional Grammar III slide
Feature Structure slide
Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar slide
Grammar Engineering slide