Dynamic Sciences R-1250 receiver (bottom),
preselector and wideband detector (middle) and pulse generator (top)

Dynamic Sciences R-1250 receiver

β€œThe model R-1250 [...] is a solid-state radio frequency receiver that provides means of detecting and measuring signals associated with the requirements specified for electromagnetic analysis, TEMPEST, spectrum analysis, and frequency surveillance. The receiver circuits are enclosed in a rugged compact chassis, and process RF signals in the form of a continuous wave (cw) or modulated carriers, both amplitude modulated (AM), and frequency modulated (FM), within the frequency range of 100 Hertz to 1.0 Gigahertz. Two modes of the receiver operation are incorporated into the instrument, a manual mode and a remote mode that uses computer control for tuning and function selection. The design of the model R-1250 receiver meets or exceeds the requirements as outlined in NACSIM specification 5100A.”

This page collects some technical data and documentation for the Dynamic Sciences R-1250 wideband test receiver, mainly for the benefit of anyone who got hold of a second-hand model and is looking for its instruction and service manual. The R-1250 (later also called DSI-1250) was introduced in 1977 and appears to be based on TEMPEST technology that DSI acquired in 1975 from Raytheon.

Instruction Manual

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