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Malcolm Scott

Biography: Malcolm Scott

I am a PhD student in the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, researching the scalability of network protocols in large, highly-virtualised networks. I believe strongly in the need for real-world applicability and deployability of the outcomes of research, and have developed MOOSE (Multi-level Origin-Organised Scalable Ethernet) which solves several of the scalability problems of Ethernet without requiring any modification of end systems. As part of a pragmatic, multi-layer approach to network scalability I am also investigating the use of IPv6 on a large scale in the datacentre. Another interest is green computing; I am working with the Intelligent Energy-Aware Networks project to bring together my network scalability enhancements with virtual machine and data migration across geographically-diverse, energy-aware photonic networks in order to move energy demand closer to intermittent renewable energy supply.

I am supervised by Prof. Jon Crowcroft and supported by the Photonic Systems Development Doctoral Training Centre. I graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2006 with a BA in Computer Science and in 2010 with a MRes.