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Course pages 2023–24

ECAD and Architecture Practical Classes


For the tick, we'll be testing your division code.

First, create a file in your ex5_riscv folder and write in it the answers to the following:

Tick questions:

  1. Making use of the timer in your simulation and showing your reasoning, calculate the best-case and worst-case number of instructions your division code would take to complete.
  2. What factors control the number of instructions?
  3. In a pipelined processor, what would cause the number of instructions to differ from the number of clock cycles?

Add your to your git repository, and make sure you have committed all your .s, .h and .c files.

Type git push to send your files to the Chime server. Then login to the the ECAD task on Chime and press 'New submission'. Chime will run tests again your ex5_riscv/assembly/src/div.s code (it'll only look at the .s files in this folder, nothing else). It'll show your submission as 'PENDING' and then (you may need to reload the page) as PASSED or FAILED.

A successful tick is achieved when your code passes the tests. You may also be called later to discuss your code and your answers with a demonstrator.