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Course pages 2021–22

Principles of Communications

See Moodle for the Live streaming Zoom link.

Course Notes and Slides (PDF One Up) and blog of where we are up to now.

Sequence/slides/related papers

  1. Introduction to what I'm going to say
  2. Routes -- how to "get" 'there' for some definitions of "get" and 'there'
  3. Routes Addenda:

  4. Flow - slow down (ECN would be good - see ToS field in IPv4 or IPv6); RR would be good

      Flow addendum: n.b. control theory was not covered in videos, and so is non-examinable this year. Other thnigs of interest:-
    • how netflix do their CDN in practice
  5. Schedules - beyond fifo
  6. Data Centers - revisiting integrated services
  7. Optimisation - of user & network, together: also see on which this is based. Further reading would be chapter 5 of Bertsekas&Gallagher's Data networks book.
  8. Traffic economics
  9. Systems structures
  10. Summary of what I said

Viewing recordings

lectures are be presented in LT2 and live streamed on Zoom, and recordings made available shortly afterwards, linked from the Recordings tab above.



Last year’s course materials are still available.

"Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others." -- Groucho Marx
Last year’s course materials are still available.