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ECAD and Architecture Practical Classes
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ECAD and Architecture Labs are Hardware practicals designed for Part IB Computer Scientists

4-Nov-2005 - there is a problem with the installation of AXD, see the Trouble Shooting Page for a work around.

Prerequisite learning using the on-line Intelligent Verilog Compiler
About the ECAD Labs
Datasheets and information
Lab 1 - Using Quartus + Making a Door Lock
Lab 2 - Scanning an LED display
Lab 3 - IR Demodulator
Lab 4 - Using ARM Tools + Finding Primes
Lab 5 - ARM Interface to LEDs
Lab 6 - ARM+FPGA based Rugby clock
Optional - Create new instructions for the N-105 Processor
Tick List (access from cam.ac.uk domain only)
Extra material including WinCE port to Altera EPXA1 board
ECAD Lecture Notes and ECAD Lab Handouts
Computer Architecture Lectures
Acknowledgements: Many thanks to Philip Wise and Gordon Williams for designing the IO board and much of the laboratory material during the summer of 2003. Thanks are also due to Daniel Gordon (Cambridge) and Prof Steve Leeb (MIT) for collaborating on the project. To Rosemary Francis and Daniel Hulmn for updating the labs in 2004. To Altera for funding all four summer students and providing kit at low cost, and CMI for funding Daniel and paying for some of the development.
Simon Moore