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Information Theory and Coding
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Information Theory and Coding Revision Material

Index Page

The page you are looking at has been updated ready for exam revision. The old index page from the Lent Term is still available here.

Revision Information

Here are the various sets of exercises, each has its own set of solution notes.

Thanks to Sven Ostring for preparing the first two exercise sheets and their solution notes.

Examination questions 2003 - some clarifications

  1. Markus Kuhn's part of the course is examinable. Students will be expected to understand the general principles presented by Markus but not the details of the various coding systems discussed.
  2. The exam questions may test any of the following:
    • understanding (do you know what you are talking about?)
    • application (can you actually do the calculations?)
    • proofs of theorems
    However, exam questions are only supposed to take half an hour to complete, so the longer proofs obviously cannot be used as exam questions.