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Advanced Topics in Mobile Systems and Mobile Data Machine Learning

Presentations and Reports

Each week a student will be assigned either a presentation or a report on a paper. The order of student presentations and the assignment to papers has been decided randomly by the lecturer. Depending on the number of students, on average, a student will present about 1-2 papers in the course and will write a report on 5-6 papers. A class list of attendance will be kept. Apologies for absence should be sent to the lecturer prior the lecture.

The assigment of presentations and reports per week to students is listed here.

Presentations A presentation will be of 20 mins in length, excluding questions and discussion which will last approximately another 8 mins, and will happen during the classes. Presentations will be assessed for technical content, clarity, engagement, timeliness and question answering. Slides for presentation should be prepared and a PDF of it submitted one working day before the presentation. Here are some guidelines for the presentation which might be useful to some.

Reports Each student not due to present will prepare a report each week about on one of the papers. Assignment linked above. Each report should follow this format of headings, should be no more than 1000 words and submitted in PDF. Guidelines on how to write this report can be found here. Reports will be assessed for clarity, detail, accurate critique, linkage of related work and sound proposals of work expansion.

Marks will be awarded and penalties for late submission applied according to the ACS Assessment Guidelines. In the week a student is presenting, no report should be submitted by that student: instead a PDF of the presentation will be submitted. Each report or presentation will contribute 1/7th of the course mark. Feedback will be given in the form of a letter grade and marks will be awarded at the end of the course in consultation with the Examiners. An additional tick for general contribution and presence to the classes in the discussion will be awarded. Your reports in PDF (and PDF of slides) are due by Noon on the working day prior to the class via Moodle.

Michaelmas Term Deadlines:

  • Assignment 1 due Thursday 7 November, noon
  • Assignment 2 due Thursday 14 November, noon
  • Assignment 3 due Thursday 21 November, noon
  • Assignment 4 due Thursday 28 November, noon

Lent Term Deadlines:

  • Assignment 5 due Friday 17 January, noon
  • Assignment 6 due Friday 24 January, noon
  • Assignment 7 due Friday 31 January, noon

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