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Mon-Wed-Fri 1000-1100 in Arts School A, from Fri 2020-01-17 to Wed 2020-03-11 inclusive (12 with FMS + 12 with DJW = 24 lectures).

Handouts and other resources

Spare copies of handouts are available at student reception at the Computer Laboratory.

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Errata Corrige

Negative lines counted from bottom of page.

Handout for lectures 1-12 (rev 13)

PageLineErrata CorrigeReported onby
(1)65224.453.922020-02-03Tom Quinnell
(1)688until it's 6 bits longuntil it's 5 bits long2020-02-03Chua Xian Wei
(1)75-11bcde", we simply pickabcde", we simply pick2020-01-30Author
(1)968The maximum and minimumThe minimum and maximum2020-02-05Alex Huntley
(2)2 A cycle is a path ... A cycle should not be allowed to repeat edges, nor vertices (except for the start and end). Otherwise, the definition of forest doesn't make sense. 2020-02-14 A. Student
(2)4 we'll see it visit B,E,F,A,C,D,G B,E,F,G,A,C,D 2020-02-13 Author
(2)36 Let the there be Let there be 2020-02-15 D. Cordeiro

Hard-to-find reference material

The Algorithm March

Take a step forward! Fall in
Take a step! Like a VIP!
Just turn around and take a bow!
Walk to the side! Keep looking looking!
Move your arms like the breast stroke then
Bend and pick up a chestnut again
Put some air in the flat tyre!
Full of air now! Whoosh! Whoosh!
It's about time now to end (x3)
It's the end