Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2016–17

Advanced Topics in Natural Language Processing

Each student will be required to write an essay or undertake a short project and write a project report on ONE of their chosen topics. The topic organiser will first mark these and help you formulate a project or essay. The module organisers will second mark the assessed work, which will consist of a maximum of 5000 words and will consistute 90% of the marks for the module.

You should speak to the organiser(s) of your preferred topic about your proposed essay or project by mid-term and the deadline for submission of the report or essay will be near the beginning of the Easter Term.

10% will be awarded as tick for satisfactory presentation of one or more papers and for attendance and contribution to discussion at the reading sessions.

The deadline for the short project is April 21 2017 at 16:00. Please hand in to the graduate education office.