Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2016–17

Introduction to networking and systems measurements

Principal lecturers: Dr Andrew Moore, Dr Noa Zilberman
Taken by: MPhil ACS, Part III
Code: P50
Hours: 16 (6 lectures and 10 supervised laboratory sessions (guided tutorials/practicals))
Prerequisites: Undergraduate courses in digital communication


Provide research skills for characterization and modelling of systems and networks using measurements.


  • Introduction to performance measurements, performance characteristics [1 lecture]
  • Performance measurements tools and techniques [2 lectures + 4 guided tutorials/practicals]
  • Reproducible experiments [1 lecture + 2 guided tutorials/practicals]
  • Common pitfalls in measurements [1 lectures]
  • Device and system characterisation [1 lecture + 4 guided tutorials/practicals]


On completion of this module, students should:

  • Describe the objectives of measurements, and what they can achieve;
  • Characterise and model a system using measurements;
  • Perform reproducible measurements experiments;
  • Evaluate the performance of a system using measurements;
  • Evaluate the performance of a device using measurements;
  • Operate measurements tools and be aware of their limitations;
  • Detect anomalies in the network and avoid common measurements pitfalls.

Practical work

Guided lab experiments resulting in 4 practical write ups.


  • Practicals write ups, summarising guided lab experiments - 4 writeups submitted together. (20%)
  • One paper (5000 words), summarising the evaluation of a device or a system (80%)

Recommended reading

A reading list will be provided in course materials.