Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2016–17

Advanced Topics in Computer Systems

You are expected to read 2—3 papers and review at least one each week, and to provide reviews for a total of 10 in all using the provided review form [PDF] [Latex source]. If you submit more than 10 reviews, your overall grade will be based on the best 10. Marks will be awarded and penalties for late submission applied according to ACS Assessment Guidelines, thus reviews will be graded out of 100 where 60 is a passing grade.

I would suggest that, each week, you first read each paper in outline, and then choose just two to review. On topics you find less interesting or more challenging, write just one review. Each review should be less than 1,000 words (and can be considerably shorter): there is advice inline in the review form [PDF] [Latex source] about what is expected for each section.

Your reviews are due by 11am on the Monday prior to the class. I will do my best to get them marked and returned to you by the class though I don't guarantee it. If you wish to submit assignments (considerably) before the relevant deadline, please feel free. If you submit assignments 1—6 after their deadlines, I will mark them but won't get you the marks for the following class. All assignments must be submitted by the final deadline, 11am March 13th.

  • Assignment 1 due 11am January 30th
  • Assignment 2 due 11am February 6th
  • Assignment 3 due 11am February 13th
  • Assignment 4 due 11am February 20th
  • Assignment 5 due 11am February 27th
  • Assignment 6 due 11am March 6th
  • Assignment 7 due 11am March 13th

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the University's rules on plagiarism – plagiarism is one sure way to attain a failing grade!

Finally, although not part of the formal assessment, it would be much appreciated if you would forward me copies of any presentations given so that I can put them on the web page as examples for next year's class!