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Course pages 2016–17

Numerical Methods

Changes for 2016/17

This year an expanded Learners' Guide will be available, updated just before or after each lecture1. The Learners' Guide expands each syllabus item to a few sentences, makes the overall narrative clear and clarifies whether points are core material or just of passing interest.

This year, again, one or more topics may, most likely, not be lectured and which topic(s) is advertised in the Learner's Guide.

This year there is one slight change to the syllabus: the 2/a stability rule will be mentioned for Euler's Method.

Lecture Notes

  • Copies of slides as printed: PDF.

  • Copies of slides with additional images and large-font expansions: PDF.

  • Learners' Guide LINK .

Practical Materials

  • Demos folder: A folder containing short demonstration programs illustrating various aspects. They are mainly available in both ML and Java, but one or two are in C or C# as well. Folder location:
    At the command line you can get an initial, local copy of this folder using
        git clone https:[Javascript required]/djg11/numerical-methods-demos.git
    And any updates can then be fetched using
    git pull

Please also look at the reference materials on last year's course page.

Exercise/Example Sheets

There may well be no new exercise/example sheets this year, so please use last year's Examples and Exercise sheets: Sheets 1, 2 and 3 (all in the same file) (PDF). There may be a small amendment needed to note any changes to the topics not covered this year.

Supervisors: Please note that only the keenest student's will have the time and interest to do all of the examples on the examples sheet.

Last year’s course materials are still available.