Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2016–17

Introduction to Natural Language Syntax and Parsing


Introduction to Linguistics for Natural Language Processing

(Computational) Syntax & Semantics for Natural Language

Penn Treebank tagging manual (Santorini 1990)

Gold standard RASP grammatical relations from PARC DepBank (look for the annotations marked as rasp)

Logic worksheet (Useful to check your understanding)


  • Lecture 1: PoS Tagging [slides]
  • Lecture 2: Language Modelling, Smoothing, Viterbi [slides]
  • Lecture 3: PCFG Model [slides]
  • Lecture 4: Estimating Parameters of LPCFG Model [slides]
  • Lecture 5: Parsing with the LPCFG Model [slides]
  • Lecture 6: A CCG Grammar and Treebank for naturally occurring text [slides]
  • Lecture 7: Parsing with CCG [slides]

Stephen Clark's Book chapter on Statistical Parsing (Useful background reading for lectures)