Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2015–16

Network Architectures

This course is taught through presentation and analysis of a set of papers, with current schedule of speakers showing when you will be speaking, and about which papers. Student's speaking assignments are to give a 20-25 minute prepared talk on the paper. Papers will be provided online. I am very happy to discuss paper assignments and talks beforehand. Talks are mandatory, however, assesment is by essays as follows:

  • There will be three (3) assessed essays, to be submitted to student admin, at 4pm, at the end of week 4 (Oct 30), week 8 (Nov 27) and near the start of Lent term (Jan 15). The student is asked to compare and contrast an aspect of current network architecture with one chosen from the papers containing proposed future solutions (essentially each essay will concern routing and addressing, naming, and content distribution) - remember, these have to be given in to student admin before 4pm of the day!

  • Essay 1 25% (was Oct 30, now Nov 2)Assigned !
  • Essay 2 25% (was Nov 27, now Nov 30)Assigned!
  • Essay 3 25% (Jan 15)pre-assigned !
  • Annotated Bibliography, 25% (Jan 15)

    Each week, the student is expected to update an annotated bibliography with comments on the paper(s) discussed. the final annotated bibliography will be submitted at the start of Lent term, together with the third essay. For an explantion and example of how to build an annotated bibliography, see this cornell library webpage

(this is not a valid excuse for late work:)