Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2015–16

System on Chip Design and Modelling

The timetable and nature will follow the pattern of last year.

This year's deadlines:

Exercise 1 - 27/1/16 10:00 - Max Credit 5

Exercise 2 - 08/2/16 10:00 - Max Credit 5

Exercise 3a - 29/2/16 12:00 - Max Credit 0

Exercise 3b - 10/3/16 10:00 - Max Credit 20

Exercise 4a, Mini-Project - 19/4/16 16:00 - Max Credit 30

Exercise 4b, Structured Essay - 19/4/16 16:00 - Max Credit 40

All items can be resubmitted at any point up to the final deadline of 19/4/16.

The following instructions were accidentally missed off this web page this year and have just been added back (3rd April 2016): For Exercises 1 to 3, please hand in a short report to Postgraduate Admin that includes source file listings for files you have created or modified in any substantial way and illustrative output from simulations or runs that demonstrates your result.

Work submitted for Ex 3 can be shared/group work as long as it is clear who did what. All other work should be your own work except for the parts of Ex 3 that form a basis for Ex 4 and, again, the division of credit must be made clear.

Please feel free to contact DJG as much as you like for assistance and advice with Exercise 4 over the Easter Vac.

This year's exercises will be put on links here as we go:

  • Exercise 1.

  • Exercise 2.

  • Exercise 3a: Write up your part of the group mini-project specification as well as its relationship to the whole. Describe your expected outcome in terms of both what we shall learn and what shall be demonstrable. This will be reviewed and approved and become the basis of the final solo mini-project.

  • Exercise 3b: Briefly write up your part of the group mini-project work and, most importantly, enclose output showing that it works or else describe any problem mentioning any help you need to get it fixed. 20 Marks available. Note, 20 Marks of credit are available for 3b. These are for describing the nitty-gritty of what you did and showing that it worked. Exercise 4a is intended to be a higher-level output, perhaps in the style of a magazine article that advocates a particular design or design methodology.

  • Exercise 4a: (30 Marks) Further write up your mini-project explaining its aims and your part of any shared work in detail. Feel free to repeat text from 3b. Credit will be awarded only for your part of the project and the quality of argument and understanding shown in your write up, so emphasise the novelty of your contribution. Further requirements and suggestions are here: Exercise 4a.

  • Exercise 4b: Structured Essay : Use the materials on the reading list, recent articles in Design+Reuses and EE Times, the undergraduate lecture notes for System on Chip, the more-advanced slides lectured for P35 and your own research. Write an essay following the structure that is precisely defined here: Exercise 4b.