Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2013–14

Principles of Communications

The slides for this year's course are available. I log where we have got to, and answers to questions, and corrections to course material online at the end of each week here.

Due to supervisor availability problems, I am putting the problem set 1 + problem set 2 here for people to attempt. We shall try and have a problem class to look at these soon (i.e in november). Plus example class 1 from 19.11.13 contains 1 new problem.

Now problem set 3 + problem set 4 are available too, plus Example class 2 on 26.11.13 has other info too.[Acknowledgement to Prof Hubert Kirrman of EPFL for very nice Industrial Automation 2013 slides].

The course is based on the books by Keshav on Engineering Approach to Computer Networking, and more recently, the Mathematics for Computer Networking which you can read in accompaniment with the slides handouts.

Last year’s course materials are still available.