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Course pages 2013–14


Type Last Updated Where
Software/ Hardware 15-Jan-2014 git clone
Hardware 15-Jan-2014 reference router bit file
Software 15-Jan-2014 sr_mininet (binary)
Software 15-Jan-2014 sr_netfpga (binary)
Software 15-Jan-2014 mininet virtual hard disk (.vmdk)
Software 15-Jan-2014 mininet open virtualization format (import .ova)

Version control

We strongly encourage you to use a version control system to manage your files. Version control systems keep track of the changes you make to a project over time. This allows you to retrieve older versions of files and identify why you changed files in a particular way.

A commonly used version control systems is git. In fact, the Hardware/Software starter codes are both git repositories. We encourage you to use git. An introduction to git can be found here.

Version-control repositories can be set up at google's hosting service and at the student-run computing facility, (as well as in your computer lab home directory, etc.) Do note that Github and Google's facility is world-readable and you need to take on board the implications of this.

We would observe that hardware may fail at ANY time, but usually it fails within 24 hours of submission.